Awesome result to be acknowledged for today’s #mondaymotivation 🙌🏻 @brontm is the first of my girls to complete this round of the 8 Week Fat Loss Challenge. She absolutely grafted her arse off (literally) in our PT sessions, cleaned up her diet, and has come away with a 5.5kg drop in weight, 1kg increase in lean muscle mass (we can see where it’s gone to..🍑), 4% drop in overall body fat%, and has lost a whopping great 16.5 inches across her body (especially her waist!!!) All this has been achieved whilst still maintaining a social life, a full time job, and a holiday to Rome 🍝🍷. She’s got these results by actually applying what she’s learning, creating new habits, and has been bloody consistent with it!! 💪🏻 I can’t wait to see what we can do next 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️ Roll on phase two girl!! 🙌🏻 Well Done girl!!! #proudcoach

The face says it all 😜🤣5weeks…1stone down…7.5% body fat drop…12 inches lost around his shoulders, mid section and hips. All achieved through a consistent diet and weight training. Zero cardio involved here FYI.. . Adam came to me wanting to shift some body fat to get himself into a better position before we crack on and put some serious muscle mass on!…It’s fair to say he’s smashed it out the park! 💪🏻 So watch this space 2020! One of the biggest changes though wasn’t visual…He said “I don’t feel tired anymore. Not felt bloated or in snappy moods, and feel generally a lot better in myself.” Adam also hasn’t had a day off from work since he started with me, so it could have been very easy for him to “not have time”, but here he is…No excuses! He wanted it, he listened, he got it. Now he has new habits already formed to take him through Christmas, ready for us to build on next year 🙌🏻 Super proud!! 💪🏻

8 week #transformationtuesday for my girl @helenroyle
Super proud of her smashing her 8 week fat loss challenge. We haven’t had too much of a focus on scale weight (despite a 6lb drop), as a change in body composition was top of her agenda, and she’s most definitely succeeded! Helen has lost 7.5 inches around her body (predominantly her upper body and waist), increased her lean muscle mass and dropped a nice 3.8% in body fat! Like most of my girls she has a budding social life 😜 with London trips, Christmas parties and many visits to the markets during this time🥂(she even admitted she hid her instagram stories from me at one point hahaha) but we have worked around it, and made some amazing progress with strength as well as aesthetics, without having to become a hermit 😻 Very excited to see what her next 8 week challenge brings come January 2020💪🏻 Well done girl 💞