Meal Plans

Part of the Online Coaching Plus+ Plan

Welcome to an easier way to eat well. Say goodbye to confusion on what to eat, tracking calories, wondering if you have hit your protein target, and say hello to a healthy and BALANCED way of eating. Hit your goals without the headache of thinking about “DIET”. It’s not a diet, it’s a LIFESTYLE.

How does it work?

I have designed these meals so you have simple ingredients, that are easy to get hold of, and won’t break the bank! You can save a lot of time (and even more pennies!) by buying and prepping food in bulk.

All it takes is: choosing a menu option for the day and buying what is needed. Get your chef on and eat it! The whole point of this meal plan is so you don’t need to worry about your calories and macros (protein, carbs, fat). I have sorted this for you here – if you happen to stray… chat to me about it!

Your plan will be adjusted based on your body’s responses. In order for me to do this as accurately as possible, we need a weight record twice a week (I recommend Mondays and Fridays), progress photos every two weeks, and measurements every month. Please track these in your HD Fitness app.

This plan is YOUR personal plan tailored to YOU and your requirements to hit your goals, be healthier, and most importantly, HAPPIER!


I’d love to see what you make! Feel free to share photos/stories with me by tagging me on instagram @hdomney_pt

protein pancakes
My meal plans include protein pancakes