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Request For Proposal Tool

Beta RFP Builder
If you're wondering how to write a Request For Proposal document or you just want an easy way to complete it, use our Beta RFP Builder


Free PR Lessons

Whether it's the ABC's of media training, finding out how the media works, or who reads what paper, these videos will give you some insight. 

Useful and fun tools for PR

If you're a PR professional, you might want to set this page as your home page or add it into your favourites. It offers some online  tools that are useful when you're working on a press release, a headline, a feature or other creative tasks in public relations. 

PR Bookshop

We have categorised some PR books for various levels and different needs. From basics to ethics, media relations and crisis management.

Quotations for PR people 

Words of wisdom, idioms and famous phrases from renown figures in PR, advertising, business, politics, literature, showbiz and the media.


Press Release Newswires - A Circulation Without A Readership?
This research report investigates the value of press release newswires and the PR profession's opinion on what defines valuable editorial coverage.

Facts, Angles, Opinions And Interpretations - How Much Is Truth And Lies In The Media 
This report presents the case for honesty in public relations, and investigates how truthful PR professionals feel themselves - and their own industry - to be.

Corporate Social Responsibility  - Honest Communication on Business Benefits
This research report argues that communicating the business benefit of CSR programmes engenders credibility amongst stakeholders. 

Online vs. Offline Media Coverage Survey
This research report suggests that some PR professionals seem to neglect the importance of online media. 

The Issues Management Process & Effective Media Relations: A Drive For Positive Publicity
Although organisations are communicating with the media on their industry’s most sensitive issues, they are often doing so without appropriate planning. This research report analyses the use of issues management in effective media relations.

The Management of Creativity in the Public Relations Process
This research report analyses the management of creativity in the public relations industry and recommends ways in which creativity may be better managed within the PR industry.

Strategically Incorporating the Internet into Public Relations Programmes
(This research report was written in 2001. It is intended for people with a good understanding of public relations theory.)


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